The world of lighting has changed immensely over the past 10 to 20 years. LEDs have replaced halogen lamps, and advances in technology mean that equipment is both more exciting and more reliable. At one time, some retailers might have been wary of stocking lighting for fear of returns due to broken lamps or other faults; now, lighting represents an attractive proposition for music stores by offering the potential for extra sales and increased customer retention.

Lighting is a visual product, which means that it can enhance the look of a store. It can also catch the eye of existing customers, who might not have previously thought about investing in their own lighting system to enhance their performances. This makes it a great opportunity to generate extra sales from established clientele. It is also scalable. A drummer only needs one kit…a guitarist maybe a couple of instruments. But, when a band invests in a small lighting system and it enhances their shows, they’re likely to come back for more to grow their rig or change it.

A great deal of innovation is also currently taking place in the lighting sector, with lots of significantly different products coming out. That creates buzz, interest and demand. Consumers will seek out opportunities to see the latest equipment for themselves and watch it in action. Stores that routinely stock the newest fixtures become known, which tends to attract new customers specifically interested in lighting. It also isn’t expected that new products will be discounted, which leads to good profit margins.

On the other hand, stores that do not stock lighting run the risk of losing existing customers. Standing out from the crowd is essential for performers and DJs these days. A light show is one way to do just that. If a band decides to invest in a lighting system, but their regular music store can’t help them out, they’ll have to find another store that does sell lighting. Then, they might decide to stick with that other store for all their future purchases.

Modern lighting is innovative, reliable and eye-catching, which makes it an ideal product line for music stores to complement their existing MI offerings, particularly because it’s likely to be of interest to similar customers. In the current retail climate, brick-and-mortar stores must make use of every potential opportunity to ensure success. Selling lighting is most certainly one of them.

Alfred Gonzales is National Sales Manager at ADJ Lighting

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