Conceived as a total rethink of the ukulele tuner, Graph Tech Tune-A-Lele machine heads offer precision tuning, tuning stability and a lighter weight. Tune-A-Leles are a vast improvement from the friction tuners first used on ukuleles, stated the company. Modern ukulele machine heads are designed more for guitars, and the 14:1 or 16:1 gear ratio is far too high for the short-scaled uke, resulting in a lot of turning before reaching the desired pitch, the company added.

Tune-A-Lele machine heads are designed expressly for a ukulele’s light weight and short scale. They are super light—one weighs just 5 grams (the weight of a sheet of paper), as compared to the 26+ gram heft of each guitar machine head (which means a set of four is about the weight of a quarter-pound hamburger strapped to the headstock of a ukulele). The concentric 6:1 gear ratio of Tune-A-Lele machine heads offers the familiar guitar-tuning feel, but with zero backlash and zero backdrive for very stable and accurate tuning, the company said.

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