After years of research and testing, Gator Frameworks released its new line of utility carts. The series includes two models: a standard model with non-pneumatic wheels and an all-terrain model with rugged rear tires meant for travel over rough gravel, dirt, grass and uneven ground. The new utility carts haul gear safely without the hassle, hold up to 500lbs, and are constructed of a rugged, welded steel frame.

Both carts feature no-flutter locking swivel casters and are specially designed to counteract cart wobble and prevent any unwanted noise. Users can engage the locking casters when on an incline to prevent cargo from rolling away during loading and unloading. The carts easily adapt to a variety of needs with eight different configurations: Compact Dual-Handle, Extended Dual-Handle, Compact Single-Handle, Extended Single-Handle, Compact Collapsed, Extended Collapsed, Compact Upright, and Extended Upright. They will extend from their most compact size at 30 inches to a maximum of 52 inches. Non-pneumatic tires keep gear rolling without having to worry about punctures. Additionally, non-slip grip surface and stair climbers help keep gear from sliding off the platform during movement.

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