CruzTOOLS’ Stagehand Compact Tech Kit

CruzTOOLS’ Stagehand Compact Tech Kit allows guitar and bass players to keep their instruments in top playing shape. Central to the Stagehand is a 19-piece magnetic bit set and screwdriver-style bit holder. The set includes hex wrenches, screwdrivers and sockets in both inch and metric sizes to cover virtually all makes and models of guitars and basses. This approach provides a wide range of capability, including bridge, truss rod, tremolo system and jack nut adjustment, while consuming little space. A capo and precision 15-blade thickness gauge with integrated ruler permit neck-relief measurement, which is necessary for proper truss rod adjustment. Also included is a downsized version of the GrooveTech String Cutters and a string winder. All components are professional quality and stored in a durable zip-up pouch. For details, call 888.909.8665 or visit

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