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Audix is now shipping the TM2, an integrated acoustic coupler for in-ear monitors (IEMs). Earsimulator “couplers” are the measurement devices used by manufacturers of IEMs during research and development, final production and quality control of IEMs. Using patent-pending technology, the TM2 incorporates the functionality of lab-type testing equipment into an integrated compact package, ideal for live sound and studio engineers who want a simple, yet effective way to test IEM performance.

Featuring precision-machined brass and aluminum components, the TM2 is built for the road and includes adapters to fit a wide range of IEMs, including custom molds. With the TM2 and available measurement software such as Rational Acoustic’s SMAART or Studio Six Digital’s Audio Tools, a monitor engineer can easily confirm the functionality of each performer’s IEMs before the show, stated the company. The TM2 is also ideal for house-of-worship applications, where it can be used to check the performance of the IEMs of every member of the praise team on a regular basis.

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