Although NAMM’s organizers do their best to enforce noise-level limits, a music products trade show is only going to be so quiet. As such, NAMM offered the perfect opportunity for Studiobricks USA (, a provider of build-it-yourself soundproof cabins, to display its wares. Studiobricks USA is the American subsidiary of Studiobricks, which got its start six years ago in Barcelona, Spain. After finding success in the European market, the company is currently expanding into the U.S., and decided the NAMM Show would be the perfect place to help promote its brand.

Guillermo Jungbauer, Studiobricks’ CEO, and Miguel Donoso-Cortés, who is heading up the company’s U.S. expansion, explained how the company got its start and the origins of its unique booth assembly system. “We started with the idea to make portable, prefabricated sound booths, with high isolation and very quick assembly,” said Jungbauer. “We’re serving a growing market, and the main problem we saw with similar products was that most manufacturers worked in larger pieces. Our idea was, from the beginning, to have small pieces like bricks—this is why we’re called Studiobricks.” The bricks are made from recycled materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are used to assemble small, often portable, soundproof booths, or to add soundproofing to existing spaces. “You can easily put our bricks in elevators and similar spaces,” said Jungbauer. “Or you can use them to build a very handsome, quick-to-assemble booth.” The booths are intended for musicians of all levels: from professionals to amateurs who want to build a small studio in their basements or garages. They also have been especially well received by voiceover artists. In addition to soundproof booths, the company also offers audiometric booths. Its product offerings can support recording studios of any size.


To coincide with its U.S. expansion, the company has several plans currently in development that are intended to make its products more friendly to both the end user and the environment. According to Donoso-Cortés, “We are always developing more eco-friendly elements in the cabins.” Current developments include foam manufactured without the use of any toxic gases, glues with non-toxic bases and an improved water-based lacquering process. “We are continuously improving our product and developing new things,” said Jungbauer. “We are now manufacturing air-conditioned systems and units with ventilation systems. And we recently released a Pro Series, which is triple walled.” With such a versatile product, and a keen interest in constantly improving its product offerings, the future looks bright for Studiobricks USA.

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