If you count yourself among the world’s vinylphiles, you’ve got to hand it to Rock ‘N’ Rolla and its mission to bring the joys of vinyl to a new generation of music fans. The company was founded by Marshall Blonstein, the Founder and President of Audio Fidelity, which is an audiophile record label that specializes in high-end vinyl and Super Audio CDs. Blonstein determined that there was a niche to fill in affordable, portable, high-quality record players. “We at Audio Fidelity looked at everything else in the marketplace, and most of it was flimsy, overpriced and didn’t really work well,” he explained. “So, because we’re a vinyl company, we thought it would be a great fit if we could build a better machine. Hence, the Rock ‘N’ Rolla was born.”

Of course, despite the eye-catching colors and low price point, Rock ‘N’ Rolla’s record players aren’t just for youths. “Fifty-, 60- and 70-year-olds buy it, too,” Blonstein explained. “They bought albums back in the day, and they just couldn’t bring themselves to throw them away, because they’re like old friends.” He continued, “Now, instead of spending big on a sound system, they can get a Rock ‘N’ Rolla and bring their old friends out to party again.”

Rock ‘N’ Rolla offers four different models of portable record player. The entry-level model, the Junior, offers three-speed playback (33 1/3, 45 and 78rpm) and a USB slot to record analog tracks in a digital format. “The Junior is only $70. College kids drink $70 worth of beer a night. So, this is perfect for them,” Blonstein joked. “And they can take it all around the dorms if they want to.”

The Premium model also offers three-speed playback and a USB slot, plus Bluetooth and a four-hour lithium battery. The XL has all the same features of the Premium, in addition to a hidden CD player. And the UFO, which will be available soon, features a sleek, rounded look that’s simultaneously futuristic and retro.

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