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The Music & Sound Retailer is the pulse of the musical instrument industry, with the most subscribers among music trade publications. We are the magazine that breaks the news stories first, and we provide the news in an easy-to-read format.

The Retailer is more than 30 years old and still going strong. We’re the only magazine with MI Spy, the most talked about feature in the industry.

On top of that, we’re the only magazine with a video newsletter, the very popular and highly regarded Vnewsletter. Broadcasting every week, it provides all the latest news and is hosted by New York City TV newswoman Jill Nicolini.

Editorial Departments
At the front of the magazine, the “Buzz” news sections include “Latest,” “People” and “Products.”

MI Spy
This might very well be the most popular read in any trade magazine. It follows the antics of The MI Spy, who reports on his covert visits to MI stores and tells all—good and bad!

The Music & Sound Independent Retailer

We provide a two-page compilation of stories, exclusively reporting on independent music retailers. The Retailer was the first publication to innovate this. The Indie Retailer talks about independent dealer groups, store openings and happenings, and features guest columns written by retailers themselves.

Five Minutes With
Here, we present in-depth interviews with the top executives in the business.

Dan Vedda, a trusty and knowledgeable retail veteran, delivers his highly touted column, shedding light on the day’s pressing subjects in the way that only he can. It’s a smart, studious bid to offer readers solutions to their problems and concerns.

Shine a Light
Each month, we take a look at a prominent MI retail store somewhere in the United States.

Business & Marketing
Our readers have spoken, and they’ve said repeatedly that they most need advice to help them do better at their stores. Well, Business & Marketing is a one-stop source to provide the info that retailers need, with a strong accent on maximizing one’s Web presence and social media marketing.

We have the highest audited circulation of any MI trade magazine—period. In contrast to our competitors, only 4% of The Retailer’s circulation comes from manufacturers. No other magazine gets your advertisement in front of so many key people that affect your bottom line.

Music & Sound Awards
For nearly 30 years, The Retailer has been tops in rewarding industry leaders. At every Winter NAMM in Anaheim, we host the Music & Sound Awards. Our 26th edition of the awards will be handed out in January 2012. Dealers, manufacturers and reps vote for their favorite retail locations and the best new products.

Value Added
Highest Visibility: Balanced ad-to-edit ratio, combined with the best layout of any trade magazine, assures that your ad gets a great location with high visibility.

Tabloid Size: Tabloid magazines, like newspapers, convey a sense of immediacy that
compels readers to “read me now.”

Proven Results: Since 1995, advertisers that track dealer response have consistently and overwhelmingly cited The Retailer as their #1 source for dealer inquiries and sales.

Produced live on-site each convention day, ConventionTV brings attendees all the hottest new products and show-floor buzz. It’s transmitted to convention hotel rooms and flat-screens throughout the convention center, as well as being blasted online. ConventionTV is the ultimate “Must-See TV.”

Streamed video can be seen after the shows at www.conventiontv.net.

We were the first, and are still the only, ones in the industry to produce a weekly broadcast delivering the latest news and product information right to laptops or smartphones. The broadcast is hosted by Jill Nicolini.

More MI Retailers Request Our Magazine Than Any Other Publication!

• Highest requested circulation of any MI trade publication
• Every ad is positioned for maximum impact
• The most visually appealing magazine in MI
• A magazine that people enjoy reading