Sweetwater’s annual event, GearFest, on June 26 and June 27 went virtual, due to COVID-19. The event was a big success, with traffic numbers positive across all channels, including livestreams totaling 56,000 views on Facebook, 30,000 views on YouTube, and 147,402 views across Sweetwater.com and all GearFest pages.

Here are some other highlights of GearFest:

  • Sales on gear and audio equipment soared and surpassed last year, with a 59-percent increase on Friday and 64-percent increase on Saturday.
  • The event’s virtual vendor expo received a total of 22,867 views and 46,285 minutes of watch time across 1,596 videos.
  • Content posted on Sweetwater’s social media channels resulted in 6,128,056 impressions and 330,779 engagements.
  • Each stream day consisted on eight hours of programming.
  • A total of 35 different workshops, panels, educational sessions and interviews were shared.
  • Each day was a mix of live and pre-recorded content, as well as shoutouts from artists and various commercials for Sweetwater.
  • There was a total of 21,300 hours of watch time on Sweetwater’s YouTube channel.
  • The virtual vendor expo included a mix of demonstrations, product discussions and brand overviews. The videos will continue to live on Sweetwater’s website.
  • For giveaways, Sweetwater received 68,685 total entries. Eighty-seven prizes were given away between June 26 and June 27, and one grand prize winner of a $6,500 guitar recording package was drawn on July 1.

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