As we approach the busy back-to-school season, St. Louis Music’s dealer-friendly accessory program with limited-time specials is once again coming into effect.

For the month of June, St Louis Music will reduce the buy-in amount for their accessory program from $1,000 to $500. Buying in to SLM’s “AP” accessory program will allot the follow benefits:

  • $50 minimum order amount
  • end column pricing, regardless of quantity
  • 3-precent freight allowance with no minimum freight charge per order
  • no backorder surprises. You will be notified when SLM is ready to ship a backorder

“These may sound like ‘That’s the way it should be done’ features, and that is exactly our point,” said Robert E. Lee, Sr. VP of Sales at SLM. “Our dealers have enough to worry about. With all the turmoil in our industry, they image001-2shouldn’t have to worry about backorders just showing up, multi-tier complicated freight allowance programs with minimum freight charges, and high minimum order requirements.”

*Some terms and conditions do apply.  For more information about the terms of the AP accessory program call your St. Louis Music Representative at 800-727-4512 or email at



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