Dialtune, a drum manufacturer selling patented cable-tuned drums, announced the availability of snares for sale through Guitar Center. This makes Dialtune the first cable-tuned drum sold by the American music retailer chain, marking an important milestone that proves cable tuning is ready for mass-market adoption.

“We are humbled to be included in the Guitar Center product lineup alongside legendary brands like Mapex, Sonor, Tama, DW, Gretch and Yamaha,” Bryan Bedson, founder and CEO of Dialtune, said. “This is a testimony to the versatility of our technology, as well as the overall quality and sound of our Dialtune snare drums.”

Dialtune drums can be found on guitarcenter.com or in person at the Guitar Center Flagship store in Hollywood, Calif.

Dialtune’s mission is empowering drummers. Dialtune’s patented cable-tuning technology allows drummers to tune their drums in seconds, change drumheads in under a minute and explore new creative possibilities. By solving single-point tension, drummers can more easily find the sound they’re looking for and build a stronger relationship with their instrument.

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