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First ever M.I. video webcast
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-Jan. 15-17, 2009 NAMM 2008 ConventionTV webcast

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-Apocalypse Nooooo! NAMM attendance only slipped three percent. Although the show didn’t have the same steam of 2008, many exhibitors did better than expected.
-Special Report: Are we seeing a rebirth of independent retailers? Competition from big-box and Internet stores are the toughest ever. But independent retailers have struck back. Find out what they are doing and if the future is bright or not.
-Weathering the Storm: How dealers are Handling the Perfect Economic Storm
-NAMM-Tastic Voyage It’s time to get geared up for what’s sure to be another memorable NAMM Show.
-You Say You Want Some Nominations? Here are our manufacturer candidates for Music & Sound Awards. Find out who is up for Product of the Year, Manufacturer of the Year, Lifetime Achievement/Hall of Fame, and much more.
-Our 25-year magazine retrospective begins on p. 20 and runs all of the way to (with some stories in between). Wow, a lot has happened in that time.
-Whoa Canada! Attendees were upbeat during MIAC, which took place in Toronto in October. Is the Canadian MI retailer different than the U.S. one?
-Percussion Pointers. We serve up some tips about how you can help band directors select the right percussion products for their schools.
-The Survey Says...Reader surveys always reveal a lot of information. This year is no different. Find out what you said about several topics, including how your holiday sales are expected to stack up this year.
-Rode to Success Rode Microphones made a big splash, literally, with the launch of Opal from its Event Electronics division. Find out much more about the Las Vegas bash and the studio monitor that packs 750 watts of punch.

-The Latest, Industry, Dealers, People and Product Buzz and Showcases.

-Dan Vedda shares every thought not appearing in his monthly column right here.

-The Music & Sound Independent RetailerDaCapo Music, located between Oklahoma City and Dallas, is firing on all cylinders. Here’s why the Ardmore, Okla. business is rocking.
-MSR Anniversary Musicorp is now a 30-year old…company. We get the scoop on the past from Dan Roberts.
-Business & Marketing If you could increase sales for little money, would you sign up? Well you can. Ken Murray tells you how.
-Spy MI Spy took another break this month, but a female agent stepped in. The location: San Diego.
-Five Minutes We hunted down Olympus’ Michael Hunter this month. Why? Olympus is not just a photography giant anymore. It plans to become a big MI player. It’s LS-10 is already a success.
-Sales Guru.Having monthly sales themes can really move merchandise. Especially during slower months. Gene Fresco explains.
-Veddatorial.The holiday season was the end of the world, right? Well, maybe not. Dan Vedda reflects on his holiday season.


-Berenice Chauvet speaks four languages. And that doesn’t include the language of music. We forgot to mention she was formerly a reporter. There’s a lot of information for this story!
-Sue Kincade, Find out what it takes for Sue Kincade to captain the ship that is Remo Inc.
-Tish Ciravolo, When it comes to females in our biz, it’s impossible not to mention Tish Ciravolo of Daisy Rock. Learn much more from the woman who started the “girl guitar” company.
-Vikki Hayward, Gator Cases marketing manager, was a huge fan of the company years before she joined it. Learn about her future goals, why she enjoys her job, and much more.
-Roxana Ramirez, Being in the music industry, you’re probably very aware of the soundtrack of your life. If Roxana Ramirez were to have a theme song, it would probably be “We Are Family.”
-Susan Lipp, is always busy. She helped break ground on the company’s huge future facility in Madison, Wisc., last month. She does NAMM Congressional “fly-ins” too

-Steve Stevens, Rock and Roll may be known for its wild behavior, but the genre has at least one law abider in Steve Stevens.
Frank Black of the Pixies credits Haley's Comet for starting him on his career path?
-KT Tunstall dismounted from her horse and climbed out of her cherry tree to talk with us.
-Peter Frampton comes alive to tell us what guitars, effects, and amps he loves.
-John Flansburgh, They Might Be Giants’ John Flansburgh is a big fan of several independent dealers as well as a host of manufacturers.
-Matt Rubano, the bass player for the red-hot band Taking Back Sunday. Even better, he likes to shop for MI gear.
-Paul English, Willie Nelson has had four wives in 40 years, but only one drummer in that same time frame.
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