Roland Corp. will host “The Future. Redefined. September Festival 2017,” a weeklong online festival showcasing many new musical instruments from Roland, September 7-14. Product debuts are scheduled for percussion, piano, wind, organ, and guitar categories, with special events planned in celebration of the legendary D-50 Synthesizer’s 30th anniversary. The latest news and information about Roland’s special six-day event are available on the festival’s dedicated web page, Music lovers and musicians from all over the world are invited and encouraged to participate.

The September Festival 2017 officially begins Sept. 7, with the unveiling of Roland’s newest digital wind instrument — a product for beginning wind players designed to both inspire and enhance musical creativity. Successive new product introductions will follow through Sept. 14, including a new guitar-related product from BOSS on Sept. 8, two new digital organs on Sept. 12, two new electronic percussion products on Sept. 13, and four new digital pianos on Sept. 14.

A special 30th-anniversary celebration of the legendary D-50 Synthesizer, Roland’s first entirely digital synthesizer, begins Sept. 9, with the launch of Roland’s dedicated D-50 anniversary web page. Exclusive interviews with the engineers who developed the D-50 and tributes from a roster of D-50 fans, including top artists and producers, are all slated in honor of the D-50’s legacy.

In addition to multiple new product releases and the D-50 celebration, Roland will present the “One Minute Challenge,” a fun online game featuring music and gear trivia.

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