At Your Service

Whether it’s a research hospital, an organization that feeds, clothes and shelters the poor, or a program that provides musical instruments for people who’d otherwise not have access to them, charitable organizations deserve our attention and support. That’s why The Retailer publishes our “The Good Stuff” cover story every spring.

Some Like It Hot

Summer NAMM is the trade show The Retailer’s Editor, Dan Ferrisi, most looks forward to each year. The reason is simple: We frequently describe the music products industry as a family, and familial warmth imbues the summer show. It’s when friends and colleagues catch up, swap stories and do some business.

To Serve Sound

Each May, The Retailer discusses the prevailing trends in the often-underappreciated pro-audio market. In a departure from our usual approach of sitting down for a powwow with a who’s who of manufacturers in the pro-audio space, we gathered a select group of pro-audio dealers this year to share their candid thoughts.


Five Minutes With

Perhaps no company in the music products industry exudes so proud a heritage as that of Manuel Rodríguez Guitars, a company whose history extends back 110 years. This month, we spoke to Manuel Rodríguez, the company’s CEO, to learn the full story behind the widely respected global brand.

Mission Report

MI Spy

Even as a renowned globetrotter, the MI Spy has his (or her?) favorite spots. Our resident sleuth loves New York City, enjoys the Pacific Northwest and, this month, adores soaking in the sights and sun in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s not all play, though. Our Spy’s in search of a vocal mic.


The Music & Sound Independent Retailer

An update on your fellow brick-and-mortar independent retailers.


From The Trenches

The Retailer’s newest columnist, Allen McBroom, addresses The Great Question that faces brick-and-mortar retailers in a time of instant information and Internet competition: “How can I compete against the Net Goliaths?”

Shine A Light

Lawrence McDonald, CEO of Hartland Music and the Waukesha County Conservatory, has been a key fixture in the Hartland WI music market for many decades. Learn from this highly successful retailer’s experience.

Retailer Rebel

Is MI retail entering a Brave New World? Our columnist, Gabriel O’Brien, thinks so. He touches on several keys to survival: eliminating redundant product lines and focusing on unique items, among numerous others.

Business & Marketing

Although there are certainly more, David Hall has identified six key qualities as being essential for success in a sales career. He provides the list and explains each point.


Dan Vedda believes we need to rethink every aspect of what we do. Rather than casting our lot with the future view du jour, retailers need to be ready with a plan for a variety of scenarios.

Under The Hood

The S2 Vela, from PRS Guitars, which we spotlight this month, is perhaps the company’s most exciting recent release. It accords with the overall trend of broadening the company’s product line.

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