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Music & Sound Awards

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Music China
Nurtures Asian Market

The Music & Sound Retailer attended the most recent Music China, held October 11 to 14 in Shanghai. The event drew a large number of exhibitors and attendees, and underscored the vast potential of the Asian market. "The Beatles" were there, too! Don't miss our detailed report.

26th Annual Music & Sound Awards Nominees
This past year was a terrific one for product innovation in the MI space, and the 26th Annual Music & Sound Awards honors those products that stood out from the crowd, representing the very best that our industry has to offer. See if your favorites made the list!

Shopping The
Accessories Market

The Music & Sound Retailer spoke to four prominent industry figures, each one of whose company is connected to the accessory segment, to find out where this portion of the market stands, both for manufacturers and for retailers.

The Road Less Traveled
Many lesser-publicized instruments feature hot new innovations and can give you a healthy margin. Hence, The Retailer has brought back its "Salute to Lesser-Publicized Instruments." This is the third installment of our series, which will feature some of the hottest among them.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
We speak to a panel of recognized experts to discern the relative strength of the drums and percussion space, find out how retailers could better capitalize on manufacturers' products and, finally, discover what offerings are new or soon to be coming down the pike.
Sixth Annual Independent Retailer Roundtable
This article invites some of the most influential—not to mention successful—independent retailers in the MI business to share their insights with us, present some advice and deliver our industry's "state of the union" address.
Holiday Holdover
This year's annual Holiday Sales Guide drew such an enthusiastic response that we literally didn't have page space to include everybody who submitted product information. So, we present Part Two this month, sharing even more hot holiday products.
Christmas Comes Early
Although temperatures are still pretty warm and the holiday season seems a long way away, it's never too early to start preparing for holiday sales. We offer a selection of products that manufacturers state will be hot sellers for the holidays.
Class is in Session
Born In The U.S.A.
DJ Product Sales Take a
Turn For the Much Better

A Change Will Do You Good?
From Russia With Love
A Change Will Do You Good?

Musikmesse is a Trend Setter
The Good Stuff: The Best
Things Going on in MI Today

Japan's Tragic Aftermath
Acoustic Ascent
Gibson Fights Back
Shopatron 'Til You Drop
Class is in Session
Gibson Indictments Likely
NRF Talks Jobs,
Jobs and More Jobs

It’s a Record!
MSR Exclusive Interview
Music Group's Master Plan
Knock it Off With the Knockoffs!
Music & Sound Award Nominees
Taylor-Made For Europe
We Cover it All!
A ‘Super’ Party on Kent Island
‘Father of RMM’ Passes
Don’t ‘Skip’ this Story!
Skip’s Music Celebrates 30th Anniversary of its Special Event

I Just Wanna Bang
on the Drums All Day

Your One-Stop Shop For The Holidays!
Heathcare Provision Could
Be a Nightmare

America the Beautiful

Not Doubting Thomas
Mendello Retires, Thomas Named Fender CEO

Music City Myster

The Latest, Industry, Dealers, People and Product Buzz and Showcases.

2012 Music & Sound Awards Dealer Nominees

The Music & Sound Independent Retailer
Twin Town Guitars has its day in the sun, Taye Drums recently held "Snare Center Days" at two of its premier Snare Centers, West Music has expanded its Music Therapy Services, the food for strings program is still going strong, The Guitar Boutique has opened a second shop…and much more.
Five Minutes With
This month's interviewee, Darius Seabaugh, CTS, CTSM, who serves as Vice President Marketing with The RapcoHorizon Company, has an educational background, as well as a personal involvement with the joys of music, that enables him to provide unique perspective and expertise.
MI Spy
The Spy takes a trek to Santa Cruz CA, in search of fun in the sun, Hula girls and the perfect ukulele. Follow the Spy and his traveling companion, Road Dog, as they scour the city, visiting five stores along the way and finding adventure, intrigue and all that other spy jazz.
Appraisal Scene Investigation
Rebecca Apodaca was invited to the New York reception for Richard Gere and his guitar/amp collection. She recounts her experience, providing along the way an assessment of the value of celebrity-owned instruments.
Sales Guru
Gene Fresco evangelizes about the principle that states "you have to give before you get." He argues that this is something you must use in marketing musical products and you must include in your plans to succeed in the New Year. Read on for all the details.
Business & Marketing
The holiday season is the best time of the year for you to reap the rewards from all the hard work you've put into your Web site. This is the busiest time for purchases on the Web, so you need to make sure that you are ready. David Hall gives all of us a primer.
Speaking to the rest of the MI retailer community, Dan Vedda argues that retailers have an opportunity to be so much more than convenience stores. But, this requires everyone demonstrating their commitment to serve customers, and to serve them as they want to be served.


Laura Rivera:
Laura Rivera, who serves as Director of Strategic Marketing & Branding with the Avedis Zildjian Company, has already had an estimable career spanning a number of industries. She now puts her talents to work in the MI sphere.

Fenia Mavromichali:
Fenia Mavromichali does not often speak about her personal life. Nevertheless, longtime contributor Michelle Loeb sketches a detailed portrait of Omnisistem's Vice President of Operations.
Heidi Blackmer Robichaud:
Gioia Molinari
Cindalee Hall:

Dinah Gretsch
Carol Calato
Diana Cecchini
Jennifer Davies
Sharon Hennessey
Carla Alger
Dawn Werk

Sonia Vallis
Catherine Polk

Cyndi Fritz
Janet Deering

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