November 24, 2010


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Class is in Session
We feature many of the new, hot companies that exhibited at NAMM in January.

Indictments Likely

Gibson Guitar is expected to face charges due to alleged illegal wood imports.

NRF Talks Jobs,
Jobs and More Jobs

The key to retailers' success for 2011 is, you guessed it, jobs. But a lot more was discussed at the 100th NRF Annual Convention.

It’s a Record!
We give you a huge review of last month’s NAMM show. Were retailers and manufacturers optimistic for the rest of this year?
MSR Exclusive Interview
Zildjian and Vic Firth have teamed up to form a percussion powerhouse. We met with Craigie Zildjian and Vic Firth at NAMM to give you all of the details about the merger.
Music Group's Master Plan
We get an exclusive look at the future of The Music Group, parent of Behringer, Bugera and more. We get an exclusive look at product launches, as well!

Knock it Off With the Knockoffs!
Counterfeit products are killing the MI industry. But one company is fighting back big time. We’ll tell you how badly knockoffs could affect the industry if left unchecked.

Music & Sound Award Nominees
We release the full list of nominees for Music & Sound Awards. See if your favorite product, person or company is nominated.

Taylor-Made For Europe
Taylor Guitars will sell all of its products directly to dealers in Europe beginning on Jan. 1. Find out why the big change was made and where Taylor’s European headquarters will be. We interview Brian Swerdfeger about it first.

We Cover it All!
For the second time, we honor instruments that get zero or little press...

A ‘Super’ Party on Kent Island
Experience PRS loaded up on celebrities, new products and much more. Get the full scoop...

‘Father of RMM’ Passes
Karl Bruhn, a tireless music industry devotee, mentored many and made awareness of health and wellness together a lifelong initiative.
Don’t ‘Skip’ this Story!
Skip’s Music Celebrates 30th Anniversary of its Special Event

I Just Wanna Bang
on the Drums All Day

Your One-Stop Shop For The Holidays!
Heathcare Provision Could
Be a Nightmare

America the Beautiful

Not Doubting Thomas
Mendello Retires, Thomas Named Fender CEO

Music City Myster

-The Latest, Industry, Dealers, People and Product Buzz and Showcases.

NAMM in Photos
A lot happened at NAMM in January to say the least. We capture plenty of it within our three-page NAMM photo collage.
The Music & Sound
Independent Retailer

We cover the sad passing of two prominent retailers and another named the "Citizen of the Year."
Music & Sound Award
Dealer Winners

Our list of dealer winners for the 25th Music & Sound Awards.
Music & Sound Award Manufacturer Winners
Our list of manufacturer winners. And, this time, we got them to provide comments on the victories.
Five Minutes With
Learn tons about Yamaha with Takuya (Tak) Nakata, president of the company's USA division.
MI Spy
Spy took a long flight from the cold of New York to the less cold, but quite windy, San Francisco.
Appraisal Scene Investigation
Rebecca Apodaca takes another look at the legendary guitar builder R.C. Allen.
Sales Guru
Unfortunately, Gene Fresco couldn't attend NAMM for health reasons. But he does have great information about a topic he hasn't covered before. He will help you get into your own head and make you believe. Believe what? Gene will tell you.
Business & Marketing
Carl Mandelbaum will present tips on how to develop your Web site.
Dan Vedda did attend NAMM. He has a lot of thoughts to share about the show.


Sharon Hennessey: Loves our industry, you will find out. She'll also tell you why she ultimately decided to join The Music People! And yes, she will definitely fill you in on her goals as a new NAMM board member.
Carla Alger: Being in the music industry is definitely the most exciting opportunity Carla Alger, chief financial officer at Two Old Hippies, has ever had. Find out why.
Dawn Werk
:Dawn Werk, Alpha Books’ director of marketing, heads a group that is responsible for 450 non-fiction books. Now that’s a lot! Music is a small, but very important, part of that catalog.
Sonia Vallis: Sonia Vallis might be an only child, but she grew up with a sibling that has now become like another child to her.-
Catherine Polk

Cyndi Fritz
Janet Deering
Kathy How
Sarah Heil
Sue Avant

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‘Father of RMM’ Passes
[November 2010 - Page 1]

Karl Bruhn, known for his tireless work with Recreational Music Making (RMM), Remo’s HealthRhythms, Yamaha as its senior vice president of marketing, as an advisor to the American Music Therapy Association and many other music-industry-promoting causes, such as drum circles, died following a brief illness on Oct. 5. He was 80.
Bruhn most recently served as the chairman of Yamaha’s Music & Wellness Institute. He won a trophy room’s worth of awards during his life and is known as being RMM’s father. That cause lives on. Many knew Bruhn as the “Father of Music-Making and Wellness” and RMM. “Humans have the need to belong, to be part of a group of individuals who share interests, and who come together for a common purpose. Such needs are as important to children and teens as they are to people in mid-life and to senior adults. In fact, it is increasingly being understood that this need for connection with others may be the most important component contributing to quality of life,” wrote Bruhn when talking about RMM. “Adults can benefit significantly—in many ways—when they learn to make their own music in a supportive, socially enjoyable setting. Writing in MuSICA, Research Notes, Dr. Norman M. Weinberger, Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory, University of California at Irvine, is quick to point out that it is ‘never too late’ for music. He goes on to say, ‘It is an established fact that the adult brain is perfectly capable of learning and remembering music throughout life span.’”
During the 2008 NAMM RMM Coalition meeting, Bruhn said he believed RMM can be as big a movement as aerobics was more than 30 years ago. And he added only 7.6 percent of the adult U.S. population play musical instruments. If 25 percent played instruments, that would equal 41.3 million people and a lot more people at your store. “Aerobics has been around for more than 30 years and millions of people know what it is,” said Bruhn. “I ask the question, ‘Is it possible that, some day, millions and millions of people will be involved with recreational music making and understand it?’ What would the industry be like if we can accomplish that? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an industry supported by the scientific and medical communities? Like aerobics, they would say recreational music making is good for you and fun. It helps you lead a better life. We need a global PR campaign in the news media. It’s like a savings account. It takes a long time to get to where you want to go.”
“There’s no one else like Karl Bruhn on the planet. I had the joy and privilege of working with Karl for more than a decade,” said Dr. Barry Bittman, CEO of Yamaha’s Music & Wellness Institute and one of Bruhn’s closest friends. “He was one of the most important mentors in my life. Karl truly carried the torch for the music products industry. I first met him 10 years ago during a Remo event. I spoke at that event. At the end of the event, Remo [Belli] walked up to me and told me he wanted to ‘assign’ me to this gentleman, who was Karl Bruhn. Karl nodded, shook my hand and gave me index cards saying what I’d be doing for the next three days at the NAMM show. Those three days were some of the most challenging in my life because you could not walk through the halls of NAMM with Karl Bruhn without getting stopped literally thousands of times.”
A week after Dr. Bittman got home from the NAMM show, a box arrived at his house that weighed about 30 pounds. “In the box were papers, writings, articles and a note on top with Karl’s handwriting that said, ‘Read this’,” Dr. Bittman recalled. “Like any typical human, I ignored it. Ten days later, Karl called and asked if I had read it. He figured out I didn’t read it. So he said, ‘You have to know this. We have to show people that playing a musical instrument is great for their health and wellbeing. We have to do it scientifically. You have to be that person.’ As I say that, I have chills running through my body. That was the beginning of one of the greatest eras in my life.”
“Karl Bruhn has passed on, leaving a legacy that will not be easily equaled. The results of Karl’s efforts will be a part of our music products industry forever,” said Remo Belli, founder and CEO of Remo Inc. “It was my good fortune that I began a close working friendship with Karl just at the time that he was leaving his position at NAMM. Fortunately for all of us, he never retired. Karl’s concepts were interesting to see develop, and a pleasure to implement and to see take shape. He was a deep thinker and had the logic and wisdom to envision things that had not been done before. He cared a great deal for our industry and its people. Of course, we will miss him and, for those of you who did not have an opportunity to know him, you will unknowingly miss him the most.”
“Karl was one of the clearest thinkers I have ever known, and he challenged those around him to do so, as well. One of the ways he did this was to begin with a provocative saying, and these came to be known as ‘Bruhnisms’,” said Terry Lewis, close personal friend of Bruhn and former executive vice president of Yamaha Corporation of America. “There were many. At Yamaha, the employee favorite became ‘Your salary becomes effective when you do’. But dealers might best remember, ‘There are two kinds of music dealers: Yamaha dealers and those who would like to be.’ He was a true mentor to me, and to so many in our industry. He will be greatly missed.”
“Karl Bruhn was a rare gift to the music products industry—a humble man who earned a stellar reputation as an advocate for arts education and the benefits of lifelong music making,” said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM. “His achievements have been felt by every NAMM member and his legacy will have a positive impact on the industry for years to come.”
Bruhn is survived by his son, Craig, his daughter, Sandy Singleton, and many grandchildren.

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