September 13, 2010


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ConventionTV@NAMM 2011
Music & Sound Awards

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Class is in Session
We feature many of the new, hot companies that exhibited at NAMM in January.

Indictments Likely

Gibson Guitar is expected to face charges due to alleged illegal wood imports.

NRF Talks Jobs,
Jobs and More Jobs

The key to retailers' success for 2011 is, you guessed it, jobs. But a lot more was discussed at the 100th NRF Annual Convention.

It’s a Record!
We give you a huge review of last month’s NAMM show. Were retailers and manufacturers optimistic for the rest of this year?
MSR Exclusive Interview
Zildjian and Vic Firth have teamed up to form a percussion powerhouse. We met with Craigie Zildjian and Vic Firth at NAMM to give you all of the details about the merger.
Music Group's Master Plan
We get an exclusive look at the future of The Music Group, parent of Behringer, Bugera and more. We get an exclusive look at product launches, as well!

Knock it Off With the Knockoffs!
Counterfeit products are killing the MI industry. But one company is fighting back big time. We’ll tell you how badly knockoffs could affect the industry if left unchecked.

Music & Sound Award Nominees
We release the full list of nominees for Music & Sound Awards. See if your favorite product, person or company is nominated.

Taylor-Made For Europe
Taylor Guitars will sell all of its products directly to dealers in Europe beginning on Jan. 1. Find out why the big change was made and where Taylor’s European headquarters will be. We interview Brian Swerdfeger about it first.

We Cover it All!
For the second time, we honor instruments that get zero or little press...

A ‘Super’ Party on Kent Island
Experience PRS loaded up on celebrities, new products and much more. Get the full scoop...

‘Father of RMM’ Passes
Karl Bruhn, a tireless music industry devotee, mentored many and made awareness of health and wellness together a lifelong initiative.
Don’t ‘Skip’ this Story!
Skip’s Music Celebrates 30th Anniversary of its Special Event

I Just Wanna Bang
on the Drums All Day

Your One-Stop Shop For The Holidays!
Heathcare Provision Could
Be a Nightmare

America the Beautiful

Not Doubting Thomas
Mendello Retires, Thomas Named Fender CEO

Music City Myster

-The Latest, Industry, Dealers, People and Product Buzz and Showcases.

NAMM in Photos
A lot happened at NAMM in January to say the least. We capture plenty of it within our three-page NAMM photo collage.
The Music & Sound
Independent Retailer

We cover the sad passing of two prominent retailers and another named the "Citizen of the Year."
Music & Sound Award
Dealer Winners

Our list of dealer winners for the 25th Music & Sound Awards.
Music & Sound Award Manufacturer Winners
Our list of manufacturer winners. And, this time, we got them to provide comments on the victories.
Five Minutes With
Learn tons about Yamaha with Takuya (Tak) Nakata, president of the company's USA division.
MI Spy
Spy took a long flight from the cold of New York to the less cold, but quite windy, San Francisco.
Appraisal Scene Investigation
Rebecca Apodaca takes another look at the legendary guitar builder R.C. Allen.
Sales Guru
Unfortunately, Gene Fresco couldn't attend NAMM for health reasons. But he does have great information about a topic he hasn't covered before. He will help you get into your own head and make you believe. Believe what? Gene will tell you.
Business & Marketing
Carl Mandelbaum will present tips on how to develop your Web site.
Dan Vedda did attend NAMM. He has a lot of thoughts to share about the show.


Sharon Hennessey: Loves our industry, you will find out. She'll also tell you why she ultimately decided to join The Music People! And yes, she will definitely fill you in on her goals as a new NAMM board member.
Carla Alger: Being in the music industry is definitely the most exciting opportunity Carla Alger, chief financial officer at Two Old Hippies, has ever had. Find out why.
Dawn Werk
:Dawn Werk, Alpha Books’ director of marketing, heads a group that is responsible for 450 non-fiction books. Now that’s a lot! Music is a small, but very important, part of that catalog.
Sonia Vallis: Sonia Vallis might be an only child, but she grew up with a sibling that has now become like another child to her.-
Catherine Polk

Cyndi Fritz
Janet Deering
Kathy How
Sarah Heil
Sue Avant

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Your One-Stop Shop For the Holidays!
Order the Coolest Products to Deliver Hot Sales
[September 2010 - Page 1]

As we know, it’s still really hot outside. But with Labor Day past us and back-to-school season in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to look toward purchasing decisions for the holidays coming up soon.
With that in mind, we gathered the products manufacturers hope you will consider purchasing now for the holiday rush. To be fair to all companies, we only allowed them to submit the one product or line of which they wanted you to be most aware. More than 20 companies provided a product, representing an eclectic mix of the MI marketplace. The products are gathered by the order we received them.
Holiday time will be here before you know it! All of the following products are available for you to order now. Happy shopping.

Knaggs Influence Series ‘Kenai’ Tier 1 in Winter Solstice
If you’re looking for a high-end guitar, The Knaggs Influence Series ‘Kenai’ Tier 1 in Winter Solstice is a prominent choice. Starting at $3,800 including form-fit case, the guitar has a single-cutaway electric solid body, carved maple top, carved mahogany back, humbuckers and more. For more, call Knaggs at 256-383-4834 or visit

Pearl Drums e-Pro Live
There are few things better than receiving pearls as a gift for the holidays. But instead of coming from mussels, Pearl’s e-Pro Live electronic drumset comes from Tennessee. According to the company, e-Pro Live sounds a lot like playing acoustic drums. But of course, moms, dads and neighbors don’t need to hear all of the noise that emanates from an electronic drumset. The drumset sounds realistic thanks to its module that allows consumers to control their mix while playing. The kit is available as a quilted maple fade design with brass cymbals, jet black or either color with EPC-2 plastic cymbals. Street price ranges from $2,999 to $3,199. For more call 615-833-4477 or visit

New Jersey-based GCI Technologies has your key to digital recording. The IKey HDR7 is best used for recording live music, interviews, podcasts, meetings, seminars and any type of sound effect or field recording. That means teenagers that walk into your store and record a class lecture by day and themselves at night when jamming on guitar or banging on the drums. Unlike most digital recorders, the HDR7 has a full-color LCD screen. One of the other fun features is its built-in guitar tuner. The HDR7 comes shipped with a ton of goodies including a tripod stand, AC adaptor, wind screen, cloth carrying case, four AA batteries, a USB cable and a 1GB SD card. MSRP for the HDR7 is $319.99. For more, call 732-346-0061 or visit www.gcitechnolo

Big Bang Distribution Kasza Cymbals
We have our own Big Bang theory. And we’re not talking about the show on CBS. Big Bang Distribution offers the Kasza line of cymbals. Available in the “R,” “F” and “S” series, the cymbals are made from B20 cast bronze, which are 80 percent copper and 20 percent tin. Like snowflakes, no cymbal is alike. The cymbals are especially good for entry-level drummers. The 18-inch Medium Thin Crash R-Series offers an MSRP of $149 and a street price of $84.40. For more information, including pricing on the other cymbals in the series, call 800-547-6401 or visit

Tech 21 Adds Three Pedals
Here’s something your customers will find to be quite a “steel.” Tech 21 added three guitar pedals to its SansAmp Character Series.Oxford, Leeds and U.S. Steel are the new additions to the line. Oxford’s tones range from ‘70s London glam to modern stoner rock. Leeds covers ‘60s classic UK rock to ‘70s prog rock. U.S. steel encompasses tones ranging from ‘90s Valhalla to Nu-metal chunk. Each of these pedals can be used as a stand-alone pre-amp to drive a power amp, a studio mixer or a PA system, or used as a stompbox with an amp. MSRP is $225 for the pedals. For more, contact New Jersey-based Tech 21 at 973-777-6996 or visit

Customers looking for a studio-recording microphone can check out CAD’s U37. The USB large-diaphragm condenser allows end users to record studio-quality audio to a computer. Designed to record vocals and instruments, the U37 allows one to podcast over the Internet and is easy to use by just plugging in and starting to record. The U37 is Windows- and Macintosh-compatible. A bass-reduction switch reduces room noise. The U37 is packed with a 10-foot USB cable and a mic stand. It is available for $69 MAP. For more information, call 1-800-762-9266 or visit

Rane Sixty-Eight Club Mixer
DJs praying for some “Rane” need look no further than to the company’s Sixty-Eight Club Mixer. The professional DJ mixer features two USB 2.0 high-speed ports with support for real-time connection of two computers. That means two DJs can work parallel to one another and/or transition to one DJ to another. The Sixty-Eight has two mic inputs: one with phantom power and another with line-level. For more information, call Washington-based Rane at 425-355-6000 or visit

Continuing on the DJ theme, Charleston-S.C.-based MBT Lighting’s LEDGIGPACK comes in its own carrying case and sets up in minutes. LED spots are red, yellow, blue and green. Each LED spot uses 15 watts, or 60 watts for the entire system. The system includes a four-pedal foot switch for color select and chasing models. Retail price is $599. For more, give MBT a call at 1-800-845-1922 or type into your browser.

Fender Mustang Series Guitar Amps
Fender’s Mustang amp series is intended for the beginner guitarist and weekend warrior alike. Mustang amps feature USB connectivity,
which the company says provides high quality and low-latency audio output. USB connectivity also allows consumers to use Fender’s Fuse software application for Mac and PC. Fuse offers options including on-screen parameter control, deep editing and “hidden” effects. Mustang amps also include recording and modeling software packages from Ableton and IK Multimedia at no extra charge. The MSRP for the amps are $149.99. For more information, call 480-596-9690 or visit

Martin SP Lifespan Strings
Long-lasting strings are something all players desire. To try to provide that, C.F. Martin released its SP Lifespan strings. The strings are treated with Cleartone technology to achieve long life. The company added the strings do not sacrifice “the legendary tone or natural feel of Martin SP strings. To find out the MSRP or for more information, call 610-759-2837. You can also visit

Peace Musical Vulcanian
All they are saying is “Give Peace a chance.” We’re talking about Peace Musical’s Vulcanian. The entry-level five-piece kit includes
cymbals, throne and sticks. The Vulcanian has mahogany shells, an eight-lug, nine-ply snare drum and more. The Vulcanian is available as a standard rock kit or as a jazz-size kit. Both versions include a style snare stand and are double-braced. The rock kit is available in
four finishes: black, wine red, white and mirror chrome. The jazz-size kit is available in black and wine red finishes. The MSRP on the
Vulcanian is $929 with a MAP of $424.98. For more information, call 626-581-4510 or visit www.peace

Mod Kits DIY Persuader Pedal Kit
The Mod Kits DIY Persuader Pedal Kit is designed to allow you to make your own tube pre-amp pedal built around a real 12AX7 tube. Mod Kits are intended for both novice and experienced musicians. According to the company, the Persuader Kit has easy-to-use instructions and use point-to-point wiring. Effect pedals operate on a 9V battery. MSRP is $64.95. Call 480-820-5411 or visit

Planet Waves KISS Licensed Collection
Your customers will want to “Rock and Roll All Night” with Planet Waves 2010 KISS Licensed Collection guitar straps and picks. The
straps and picks feature album cover art and photos of the band members. MSRP for the straps is $54.99. The picks are available in
light, medium and heavy varieties. MSRP is $9.99. For more information, contact D’Addario at 1-800-323-2746 or visit

Remo Ebony Additions
Remo added the Ebony Pinstripe Tenor drumhead and the Powermax Ebony Bass drumhead to its product line. The Ebony Pinstripe offers a built-in dampening ring on a clear bottom ply, which is intended for improved projection and heat dissipation. The Powermax Ebony Bass drumhead provides a single-ply of 10-mil Ebony Mylar film, as well as a free-floating muffling ring. MSRPs vary based on size. To get more information, call 661-294-5700 or visit

Mapex Birch/Basswood Horizon Drum Kit
Mapex debuted the limited-edition Birch/Basswood version of its Horizon drum kit. The six-piece set features a lacquered finish and
black hardware. The drum set comes with a free eight-inch add-on tom with mounting hardware. The limited-edition set comes with a 22x18 bass drum, the free 8x7 tom, 10x8 and 12x9 mounted toms, a 16x16 floor tom and a 14x5.5 snare drum. The Birch/Basswood kit is available in two lacquer finishes: transparent cherry red and transparent midnight black. MSRP is $1,249.For more information, call 615-773-9900 or visit

L.R. Baggs Anthem
Here’s a product of which your customers are sure to be singing the praises. L.R. Baggs’ Anthem teams an internal microphone and undersaddle pickup in a new way. Anthem contains the essential features including volume, mix and phase, while nestling securely inside of the soundhole for simple fingertip access. MSRP is $429. For more, call 805-929-3545 or visit

Steinberg CI1 USB Audio Interface
Steinberg’s CI1 USB Audio Interface doesn’t offer the advanced integration of its CI sibling. But it does offer a lot, including audio
and build quality its sister product is known for. The CI1 houses two audio inputs with balanced XLR/TRS combo connectors, microphone preamps and onboard phantom power. The CI1 allows consumers to use most any microphone. CI1 also comes with huge software bundle including Sequel LE and WaveLab LE. MSRP for the CI1 is $149.99. MAP is $99.99. For more information, call 714-522-9853 or visit

Carl Fischer “Carol of the Bells”
If your customers really want to get into the holiday mood, Carl Fischer’s “Carol of the Bells” is a good choice. The book, which
retails for $45, including score and parts, is designed to be a simple arrangement for a beginning band’s first holiday concert.Arranger Larry Clark uses “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” as part of the arrangement. For more information, call 800-762-2328 ext. 230 or

Austin Guitars AA20 Dreadnought Guitar
An entry-level acoustic, Austin Guitar’s AA20 dreadnought guitar has a spruce top, linden back and sides, rosewood bridge and
fingerboard, mahogany neck and synthetic bone saddle and nut. The guitar comes equipped with D’Addario strings. MSRP is $149. MAP is $119. For more information, contact St. Louis Music at 1-800-727-4512 or visit

Grundorf GMT-003 Guitar Maintenance Table
We’re definitely not going to table this discussion about Grundorf’s GMT-003 Guitar Maintenance Table. The table allows customers to
work on their guitar wherever they go. The table accommodates both electric and acoustic guitars. The table comes with separatecompartments to keep tools, strings and supplies handy. To make travel with the table much easier, the GMT-003 folds in half to about the size of a briefcase. For more information, call 712-322-3900 or visit

Gruv Gear’s V-Cart Solo
Continuing on the transportation theme, Gruv Gear offers its V-Cart Solo. The gear transport system features a multi-position handle and sliding support arm. V-Cart is intended to decrease the time it takes to set up and breakdown gear. The product is designed for amps, cabinets, keyboards, guitars, drums and DJ gear. For more, call 714-616-3770 or visit

Line 6 JTV-59
Line 6, known for its Variax modeling guitars, has added the JTV-59 to its line. It offers 25 vintage guitar models, 11 tunings and a
boutique-style guitar design by James Tyler. It has a mahogany body, carved maple top, mahogany neck with rounded Tyler ’59 neck profile and a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard. Available in cherry sunburst, tobacco burst or black colors. MSRP is $1,699. For more information, call 818-575-3600 or visit

Washburn Acoustic WD10SCE
Washburn’s WD10SCE is intended to provide a solid Alaskan Sitka spruce top, with rich mahogany sides and back, to provide a balanced “warm” tone. The acoustic dreadnought cutaway style features a Fishman Isys+ tuner/preamp system and comes with D’Addario strings. The MSRP is $449. For more, call 1-800-877-6863 or check out

Allparts Tremol-No
The Tremol-No is intended to be an excellent addition to any electric guitar equipped with a traditional or locking tremolo. It allows
an end user to set a tremolo in three distinct modes in seconds: divebomb and pull back as usual, divebomb only with no pulling back to raise the pitch, and hardtail lockdown. The Tremol-No, distributed by Allparts, requires no modification to a consumer’s guitar. MSRP is $70. For more information, call 800-327-8942 or visit



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